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At Drop Off

Stay calm – this helps your dog stay calm and not get overly excited or anxious. Give lots of love at home and when you visit us walk in the door like you have been there 100 times to show your pet confidence in your choice to let us care for them. If your anxious, they are anxious. Dogs sense their owners feelings so while we know you are going to miss Fido, don't let off anxious feelings or Fido will be anxious about his stay.

Handler Escort

One of our friendly and skilled staff will escort your dog straight to a play yard. This allows your dog to build trust and confidence with us.

Baby Steps

If possible, drop your dog for a play day before leaving for long periods of time. This lets your dog know you will be coming back for them and they aren’t to worry. 

We need your number.

Complete all require paperwork letting us know how to reach you, your emergency contact and even veterinarian while you are away. Emergencies can, do and will happen so it is important we can reach you, or someone who can authorize medical decisions. 

Homecoming Hints

When you arrive home your dog may be overly excited to be there and receive your love. Of course, they missed you and are thrilled you are back. Play with your pup in the yard, use his toys or rub them in all his favorite spots. Once your dog is settled down and in a normal calm state then you can think about giving them food or water. Excited dogs tend to eat or drink quickly and this may result in an upset stomach. We don’t want you to have to clean up a mess right when you walk in the door!

Vacation Lag

Your dog will most likely be a little tired upon returning home. This is to be expected! There is a great deal of play and stimulation at 4PAWS. This wears them out and it may take a few days for them to rebound upon your return.

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