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Facility HOURS

Pickup/Dropoff is available 7 days a week in three time slots.

8am to 1pm

430pm to 6pm

7pm to 8pm

Outside of those hours please do not visit the facility as our clients are resting and we don't wish to disturb them. 

Cottage HOURS

Pickup/Dropoff is available 24 hours a day, but pickup and drop off is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


We Require Rabies, Distemper Combo (also known as DHLLP) and Bordetella.

We require vaccines to be administered by at licensed veterinarian and Bordetella  Can not be administered within 14 days of your pets appointment or your pet will not be able to board. 

 We require a 2 week or greater quarantine period between your pets boarding appointment and their Bordetella vaccination.  


Age Requirements

All pets must be at least 6 months of age or older. 


We only require that you supply food. While we do offer house food changing your pets diet can cause them a uncomfortable stay due to digestive changes. So please bring food and always bring extra in case of travel delays.

We do request that each pets food it is prepackaged in zip lock bags or equivalent for each meal, but is not required.

Please do not bring large bags for short stays. We have limited amount of space for food.

Except for slow feeders, please do not bring their dishes. We supply them.


We place all medications into pill planners and post them on our med chart. At the instructed time our staff physically administer the medications. So please do not put them mixed in with their food. Your pet may not eat, and we need to verify the med was consumed. Each pill is administered via a pill pocket. We provide them, however if you don't wish to be charged please provide your own. We can administer Oral and Topical medications. If your pet requires injections, such as a diabetic dog we do not board them for their own safety.  We recommend usig your vet as they can monitor their insulin levels and have the tools to adjust them should your pet have issues with eating. 


You are welcome to bring your pets bed, but pets often will destroy them even if they don't do it at home. If its expensive or sentimental we suggest bringing a cheap bed or using one of ours. We supply cots and blankets for your pet to sleep on. The bedding is changed daily and all materials run through a commercial washer for effective sanitization.


You are welcome to bring any treats and toys your pets can have. However the only treat not allowed in our facility is rawhides. If you bring one for your pet it will be left in their bin. 


We welcome all dogs, but dogs with anxiety can be difficult to board and can pose a danger to themselves.

We have 3 levels of anxiety the first two levels can board the third level your pet is not allowed to board with us and should they exhibit Level 3  symptoms we will request you come and collect your pet. 

                 Level 1     Mild Separation (Panting, Pacing, )

Level 2     Moderate Separation  (Same as Level 1, and Barking, Jumping, Thrashing in Kennel)

Level 3      Severe Separation  ( Attempting to Climb Out of the Kennel, Biting/Chewing Kennel Welding Wire)

Dog Size, what do you board and what kennel/cottage should I pick?

We board all size dogs from the tea cup chihuahua to the Blue Mastiff. However certain dogs fit into certain size accommodations and choosing the wrong size accommodation, if we don't catch it and you show up to board and we are full and unable to move them to an appropriate size accommodation this could result in your pet not being able to board with us. So it's important to choose the right size accommodations for your pet(s).   

(Tiny Town)

Tiny town is for all shapes and size dogs. However its our quiet area more reserved for small breed dogs and elderly dogs 12+ in age. Booking a dog younger than 10 years of age greater than 20lbs is not permitted with out a team members approval. 

(Standard Kennel)

Our standard kennels is 5x7 on the inside and 5x10 on the outside.

It will accommodate any number of small dogs or 2 Medium dogs or a mix and match medium/small or 1 Large breed dog.

(XL Kennels)

Our XL Kennels are 5x10 on the inside and 10x20 on the outside.

They will accommodate any size dog up to 4, but no more than 4 Large dogs for comfort.

(Small Cottage)  

A small cottage is designed for small breed dogs ONLY.  Nothing over 20lbs No large breed dogs are permitted in a small cottage as they will not be able to get in and out of the dog door. 

(Medium Cottage)

Our medium cottage is 8x7 inside and will hold 3 large breed dogs comfortably. We have had more, but prefer if there is more than 4 large dogs they board in a Large Cottage.

(Large Cottage)

The large cottage is our largest option and will hold any number or size of dog. They are the size of the average bedroom home. SO plenty of space to stretch out, regardless of size. 

Behavior/Health/Biting/Escape Risk/?

We have certain policies to keep everyone safe, but can prevent your pet from being able to board with us.  Please be sure that your pet is a fit for the 4PAWS experience. 



LARGE BREED DOGS such as Great Danes, Napoleon Mastiffs must have have their stomach tacked or they can not board with us. 


  Behavioral Aggressive - If your pet bites at our team we will ask you to come and collect them. If your pet has a history of biting, they can not board with us.  Play biting is ok. 

  Anxiety as mentioned above severe anxiety Level 3 pets can not board with us for their own safety.   

  Escape Risk - if your pet is an escape risk, such as climbing or digging we ask that they not board with us.

 Aggression to other pets - While we don't mix our dogs together. Pets that are pet aggressive can fence fight and fight through the kennel posing a danger to themselves and our team. If your pet is overly aggressive we may ask you to collect them and/or refuse future accommodations to keep everyone safe.   

 Excessive Barking - all dogs bark and while we don't mind barking as it is there way of communicating and expressing their feelings. However excessive barking can stress out our other guest. If your pet excessively barks we may ask that for future accommodations you seek an alternative arrangement. 

Less Common Questions

What about the other bugs?

Our facility is much like a child’s daycare where bugs can circulate. Given this fact, we rarely see lice, fleas or ticks. These can be transmitted easily in dog parks, neighborhoods, walks in the woods and more. Please check your dog prior to drop off to ensure all other dogs are safe from these parasites. If you notice your dog itching, coughing, acting sick/ lethargic or has had vomiting or diarrhea please check with your veterinarian before drop off. On our side of the fence, we take measures daily to keep these bugs at bay. Through pet safe products, we sanitize and disinfect the play yards, sleeping pens, play equipment and toys daily.


Our kennels are large and does allow for wire crates if you so wish your pet to have their kennel inside their boarding kennel.


No problem, we don't socialize our clients. So when your dog(s) go from kennel time to playtime out in one of our 6 yards it's just them. We don't mix the Smith dogs with the Johnson dogs, unlike other facilities we are 100% individualized. 


No problem, we have lots of clients who can play together but can stay in the same kennel. We have some that can't even play together. Which is also no problem. However, if they do have to be in separate kennels. You do lose our multi pet discount. You may also want to consider using our BA Cottage which is designed for families who's pets can't board together. 

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