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We've Got Your

Tail Covered.

Caspers only 5 star rated facility

A walk a day keeps the vet away.

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

About us

After our own horrible boarding experience in Casper, it became our mission to provide a secure, safe, loving and welcoming environment for dogs and their owners. And, we've set out and done just that. Offering comfort, cleanliness, exercise, and spacious stays, we are the perfect solution for you and your pet. We make sure the care and attention we provide is of the utmost.

(Loanstar, Dozer, Zowie, Ringo)


Guests that stay overnight at the 4PAWS enjoy comfortable accommodations, loving attention and plenty of opportunities to get outside and play. Our Climate-controlled facility keeps your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We surpass industry-leading protocols to ensure the health and happiness of all of our guests. Programs are personalized for the unique needs of each guest.

Unlike other facilities we do zero integration, all our our time is 100% individualized. That means when your dog(s) are in a yard, it's just them and a staff member.

Our daily updates don't come from a computer generated generic mass message where every client gets the same message like our competitors. Though our software offers the capability we don't use it, instead each message is individually sent from the techs personal phone who is responsible for caring for your critter. It's a personal touch that our clients rave about. 

What our customers are saying

They are awesome! They take care of your babies while you're gone. I signed up to get texts and pictures of them while on vacation and it was so awesome to see they were having s good time and getting lots of love! Everyone go here 😊

Waverly Polak

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